An author in our midst

You just never know what talents are lurking within our small church here at St. Johns. David Rowland, a member of St. Johns has just self-published his first novel entitled The Thin Black Line a story of adventure set in the Klondike gold rush at the end of the 19th century.

It is Summer 1897 and Samuel Cross labours tirelessly on his fathers farm but he longs for a more fulfilling life. During a visit into the port of Seattle, he reads a headline that gold has been found in the Klondike and men have returned richer than they could have imagined. Inspired, he seeks his passage northwards and finds a company offering free passage for those willing to work as cooks in one of the mining companies. On board the steamship, he makes several new friends, all with their own stories to tell, one of which will come to threaten his own life. The story follows the young friends as they endeavour to strike it rich in the frozen north.

Further infomation about David and his work can be found at

The hardback book (ISBN 978-1-4457-6990-5) is currently onsale at David hopes to have the book available through in the next few months.

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