Heritage Lottery Fund – Pre Application

As previously mentioned, we submitted a pre-application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to gauge how receptive they would be to supporting our church organ renovation project. They have now had time to consider this and have returned the following email.

Dear David
Thank you for submitting a recent Heritage Grant Pre-application form for the project titled The renovation of the Hill Organ at St John the Evangelist Church. As part of the application process, your submitted Pre-application provides the Development Team with an insight into the overall aim of the project and enables us to see how we can advise you further on how to develop a full application for consideration. I have had an opportunity to look at your project and I would be grateful if you could provide me with some further information.

You have already stated that a recent condition survey was undertaken on the organ, does this confirm that the organ is on the National Pipe Organ register? I would also be keen to know who you have identified as the organ consultant and whether you have been in contact with the Council for the Care of Churches? At this stage there are concerns that because the organ was electrified in the 1960’s with changes made to the console, restoration of this particular organ would be considered a low priority for HLF because changes have been made to its original condition.

Further information on this will enable to confirm whether this would be the case. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely

So we will now respond with the additional information that the HLF have requested but on this evidence it looks likely that we will have to go to Plan B. I will keep you informed. Please keep praying for this work.

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