Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council is the governing body of the church. New members are elected onto the PCC each year and serve for a period of up to three years. Those serving on the PCC must be confirmed into the Anglican Church and be on the electoral role of St. John’s . Some members are ex-officio, which means they remain on the PCC for as long as they remain in office. Ex-officio members are the Vicar, the Church Wardens, those involved in Reader Ministry, the treasurer and secretary.

Members of the PCC for 2010-2011 are as follows:

Revd John Harries – Priest in Charge

Ian Jerrard-Dinn – Reader Emeritus

Heather Chatten – Church Warden

Doreen Worsely – Church Warden

Stephen Clague – Pastoral Worker

John Wilbraham – Treasurer

Mary Highmore – Parish Giving Officer

Jeremy Simmons – Friendship Group Co-ordinator

Shinny Simmons

Alan Rainford

Judith Harries – Deanery Synod Member

Lesley Faulkner

Daphne Armitage

Kate Bethell – Child Protection Co-ordinator

Myrna Edwards – Sunday School Leader

Sharon Batey

The aims of the PCC are summarised in the trust outlined below:

The PCC Trust

The PCC seeks to build and strengthen the Church family by helping every member to grow spiritually and participate fully within the life of St. John’s.

The PCC aims to prayerfully oversee and develop ministries within the church, supporting and encouraging every member to be involved in ministry as an outworking of their faith.

The PCC aims to communicate the church’s mission and facilitate the sharing of information, concerns and joys throughout the church family for the building up of everyone’s spiritual life.

The PCC aims to be actively involved in prayerful decision-making with regard to the general mission of the church and the work of each ministry with which the church is involved.