Planning your wedding day is very exciting but can also be very daunting. It’s such a big day and you naturally want everything to go perfectly. Here at St. John’s we want to demonstrate God’s love for you and his commitment to marriage by doing our best to support you in your marriage and to give you the best possible start to your wedding day.

A ‘Getting the Most from Your Marriage’ course is very popular with those considering marriage. The course consists of four 90 minute sessions and is run during May. To enrol please contact the Vicar.

No doubt you have many questions, which you would like to discuss with the Vicar. Some of the most frequent questions are answered below. You are free to contact the Vicar, but usually appointments are made after attending church and meeting the Vicar briefly after a service.

For further general information please click on the following link:

Weddings in the Church of England

If you wish to explore the possibility of being married at St. John’s Church, then please contact the vicar on 01925 262939 or via email at